The Micro Killers Anthology Movie

How well do you know the people in your life? The old lady with all the cats that lives down the road? The dog walker that always says hello when you pass on the street? Your local shopkeeper who asks you how are everyday? Your best friend? Your partner? How well can you really know someone?

The Micro Killers explores the dark secrets held by everyday people. People you think you know. People you think you can trust.


Produced by Slumberjack Entertainment, The Micro Killers will consist of 15 short films, all made on a budget of £200 or less. Featuring stories written and directed by some of the leading names in UK horror literature, illustration and independent film. Including, David Moody

DAVID MOODY first self-published HATER in 2006, and without an agent, succeeded in selling the film rights for the novel to Mark Johnson (producer, Breaking Bad) and Guillermo Del Toro (director, The Shape of Water, Pan’s Labyrinth). His seminal zombie novel AUTUMN was made into an (admittedly terrible) movie starring Dexter Fletcher and David Carradine.


John Williams
John is an award winning filmmaker from Staffordshire, whose films have been screened around the world. His critically acclaimed vampire comedy, The Slayers is awaiting DVD release.


Dave Gilbank
Dave is a multi award winning filmmaker. His first feature film, Polterheist, received its UK premiere in Leicester Sq this summer and is currently being readied for DVD release.


Peter Mckeirnon
Peter is a bestselling author and writer / director of award winning short films, Swings & Roundabouts, The Dog Walker and critically acclaimed YouTube sitcom, Dead Town.


Stephen Harper
Known for his trademark dark folk inspired art, Stephen is also the writer of the dark poetry book ‘Autumn: The Melancholy & mental health,’ and the short film ‘Within Darkness’ featuring Bill Oberst Jr (3 From hell).


David McCluskey
Dave is an author, graphic novelist and stand up comedian, known for his works, CRACK, In The Mood For Murder, The Few and DeathDay Presents.


More names are set to be announced soon.

Filming has already begun and will continue throughout the remainder of 2018 and into next year.

The Fisherman

We’ve been busy filming a segment of The Micro Killers called The Fisherman. Here’s a few stills. We pick this up again in a few weeks.

The Lover

Here’s a first look at the fantastic Louise McNulty, playing Sarah in The Lover segment from The Micro Killers.

You can currently catch Louise playing DC Meaden in Emmerdale.

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