Here at Slumberjack Entertainment we aim to bring you quality and professionalism but working with some incredibly small budgets. We are a tiny production team consisting of 4 people - Peter Mckeirnon, Rod Hay, Andrew Butterworth and Kate Dailey, and a small group of amazingly talented volunteers, all working towards the same goal - to make and produce great films for you to watch.

We all enjoy making them and through all the reviews and feedback we receive, it would appear you enjoy watching them! So we will continue to do our bit for the Independent Film Industry here in the UK and help to bring great British comedy and horror back into the limelight. 

Team Slumberjack at Lancaster LA1 Film Festival, from left to right: Kate Dailey, Andrew Butterworth (Butty), Peter Mckeirnon (front) and Rod Hay. Team Slumberjack at the first annual Slumberjack Film Festival

We couldn't do what we do without the incredible talent and dedication of our fantastic actors, make up and sfx guys who give so much to each production.

Neil Gallagher - Butty (Dead Town) Sandra and Mr Mozzarella (QS) Percy (TDW) charred Zombie (swings and roundabouts)

Karl Davies - 80s Dave (Dead Town) Dead person, crime scene photographer, criminal and Assistant Director (QS) Dead person (swings and roundabouts)

Michael Hagen - John Diant (Dead Town) and Johansen (QS)

Andy Coffey - Brittain (Dead Town) The Wet Dream and Executive Producer (QS) Credit Music (QS)

Gareth Wright - Zombie and Visual effects (Dead Town Series 2).

Paul Fay - SFX and Make-up (QS and Dead Town Series 2), Dead body (QS)

Paul R Leech - Production Crew 

Dean and Chris Garner (Z Brothers FX) - SFX and Prosthetics (DT Series 1), Zombie (DT series 1 ep3)

Sarah Chesters - Dead Girl (TDW & QS), Zombie Air Stewardess (Dead Town Series 2)

Andy Savage (Savage FX) - SFX and Prosthetics (DT series 1 and Fowl Play) Zombie (DT series 1 ep3)

Ian Finney - Voice over artist and Mr Farraday (QS and trailer, Eric - swings and roundabouts)

Jackie Mercer - Zombie (Dead Town episode 1, S1), Dead body (swings and roundabouts), Detective Mantlepiece (QS)


Jayne Kinsella - Detective Dampsy (QS) 

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